Non-traditional Couples in the Culver City, CA area

Many people have "non-traditional" families, such as committed couples who choose to remain unmarried or registered domestic partners. Couples with blended families may also fall within this category.

Non-traditional couples face unique challenges in protecting jointly owned property or in dividing assets upon the passing of one or both of them. One of the challenges includes the fact that married couples may pass property to the surviving spouse without fear of property tax reassessment while unmarried couples don't have this right. If you have not put your wishes in a legal document, you risk losing the right to choose who should receive your assets upon your passing as well as whom you want to make vital decisions about your health care and finances. Without proper planning, your partner may have no legal right to inherit your property, continue to raise your children, or even have the right to visit you in a hospital. The Law Office of Jerome B. Smith has expertise in implementing estate planning for many non-traditional couples. Contact us today for a free consultation.