Protect your Business's Confidential Information from Theft in the Culver City, CA area

Protect your Business's Confidential Information from Theft in the Culver City, CA area

Your business' intellectual property and proprietary information is, in all likelihood, vulnerable to theft. This is an unavoidable aspect of owning or running a business. In fact, it is often in your company's interest to share trade secrets with certain parties - you want to share prospectuses with potential clients, or take on employees who can manage sensitive tasks, or enter into partnerships with other firms. The question is how to protect your intellectual property even when such exposure is inevitable.

For nearly 40 years, Jerome B. Smith has helped businesses keep their proprietary information confidential. With office in Westchester, he serves residents of Culver City, Marina del Rey and throughout Los Angeles. He knows intellectual property law thoroughly. He has assisted businesses through every stage of development, from formation through succession. He will work rigorously to make sure your most at-risk information remains protected.

A Security System For Your Intellectual Property

California is one among several states that have adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. As such, the illegal use of proprietary information is a criminal offense and businesses can pursue legal action. Nevertheless, they must take steps to safeguard their intellectual property in the first place.

Mr. Smith is experienced in drafting documents that protect companies' trade secrets, including:

  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-circumvention agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements

Clients, employees, contractors, and business partners will gain access to your intellectual property. As your lawyer, Mr. Smith will work meticulously to ensure that the necessary legal frameworks are in place to protect your confidential business information from theft.

Safeguard Your Interests

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