Commercial Transaction Law in the Culver City, CA area

Commercial Transaction Law in the Culver City, CA area

The laws that apply to business transactions are intended, at their root, to ensure that all deals are fair deals - that is, they are meant to regulate the trade of money for goods and services. They govern interactions between employees and employers, between business proprietors and their clients. In the modern economy, understanding these laws and properly applying them is difficult. Business owners, employees and clients might be in different parts of the world and speak different languages; remuneration might consist of cash, stock options, or bitcoin. Without a knowledgeable lawyer, individuals unfamiliar with commercial law often find themselves at a disadvantage when they enter into a deal.

Jerry can help. For nearly 40 years, he has represented clients in Westchester and Culver City, and throughout Los Angeles, in their transactional business matters. He has helped form numerous corporations and LLCs, and provided knowledgeable, responsive legal counsel for their ongoing needs. He is ready to assist you, too.

Knowledgeable Support For Your Business Needs

Mr. Smith takes a personal approach to commercial law, working directly with his clients and collaborating with them to help achieve their business goals. He provides experienced legal consultation for a wide range of matters, including:

Jerry is meticulous in his preparation and execution of transactional matters. He will work rigorously to help your business develop according to your plans.

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